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I am celebrating 18 years teaching thousands of students to unfold their potential to create greater satisfaction and well-being in their lives and their businesses.

I am Alejandro Joanz, entrepreneur and pianist by vocation, creator of the No. 1 Complementary Education Platform 1 in LA* and its Self-Activation and Self-Expansion Programs, used by people of all ages and professions to develop skills that allow them to manage the natural ups and downs of life, express their best version, and live from their expanded talents.

The impact has been magnificent... my students and their families find greater satisfaction and their business, better results.

Coach and consultants strengthen their human and professional capacities, increase the user satisfaction and the performance of their businesses.

Artists, of any level, unleash their purest creativity, retain their audience and improve their economy.

But I'm especially pleased with any new "regular friend" who gets wonderful results for their personal and work life.

It is impossible not to mention the enormous benefits that I have received throughout this process, which have fueled my personal growth and awakened my talent as an improvising pianist.

All this began when I was young with the dream of dedicating myself to doing what would most allow me to discover my potential...

If you feel limited by thoughts that you cannot control, by distractions, worries and frustrations, by lack of meaning and motivation in what you do now...

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1 Month Training:

Unplug Yourself
And Activate Your Inner Wealth

Identifies reactive behaviors, which are obsolete and harmful to life in the present

Learn how to express your originality and steer yourself down a path of prosperity

"It has helped me to close cycles, to know myself more internally, to find peace of mind, to focus on my goals and fight for them on a daily basis." Katherine Pescador



Through introspection practices and expert guides that allow you to optimize your energy, take advantage of your talents, empower your intuition and enjoy your work.


Some Results From Our Students **
Your Commitment Makes It Possible Also For You!

Katherine Pescador, psychologist, trainer and single mother, learns to remove blockages, which help her make decisions and strengthen herself professionally. Now, in his training, he teaches how to overcome the gaps of traditional leadership and how to create well-being. She has healed discomfort and achieved more balance for your life: "I am a renewed person on a professional level, on a spiritual level, on an emotional level and on a family level ".

Lina Mendivelso, a social and human rights professional at Bureau Veritas, transforms her leadership and personal capacities, in which she learns to recognize humanity in the other and to find fuller ways of life: "When you know another space, another aspect, you rethink yourself and say... oops... how many years I lost being a flat life".

"I was making a big mistake when doubting my abilities, with the practice and the human development program today I can say that our own thoughts often limit us and are those that generate obstacles, therefore the importance of recognizing ourselves and discovering the abilities and talent that God has given us."
Diana Chaparro | Teacher

"This program of human development takes you to another level, to see life in another way, from another perspective, which helps you to build a totally unveiled life of what had made a prisoner of you."
David Acosta | Head of plant

"The most important decision of my existence."
Andrea Monsalve | Psychologist

“My Master Program in Integral Human Development has everything and welcomes everything that our life must take into account to be true, authentic, original and convinced beings that we deserve the best.“
Ceila Vásquez | School Principal

“I would dare to say that this learning process has been more satisfying than my professional career.”
Yobany Bejarano, educator and trainer in entrepreneurship

** Individual experiences may not be common to all. Your history, education, work experience, and commitment to the program may be different. These stories are illustrative and do not guarantee your success or failure. Your results may vary.


Inspiration And Strategy

Periodically I publish something that I have learned in my almost 3 decades of entrepreneurship and 1 of musical development, sometimes with very special guests, to learn to know ourselves better, unlock creativity and create income. Just click on the links below to see my best materials and discover practical and realistic ways that allow you to unleash your potential, live from it and bring harmony to your personal, family and work life.

Change The Routine And Transform Your Life
Para alcanzar resultados distintos y acercarte a tus objetivos es necesario que hagas cosas diferentes. La costumbre de quedarse en ciclos de rutina y zonas de confort es una tendencia natural de la mente. Se trata más bien de iniciar el día teniendo claro que cosas nuevas haré o haré de manera distinta.

Overcome Difficulties and Achieve Successes
If you want to increase your chances of overcoming difficulties and achieving success, it is not enough for you to learn simple formulas that are often unrealistic, but rather to gain clarity about yourself and focus on developing vital skills with the right tools and guides.

Talent Development
The future moves us today! In this different world, most companies are suffering from a talent shortage, which is an opportunity for those who prepare properly.

Pele's Soft Skills
Pelé tells us that success is not accidental. Acquire with the HDA the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve and maintain it.

Train Your Mind

With the No. 1 Complementary Education System in LA*

*UK World Wide Business Review Award

Plataforma ADH Vital

All our Self-Expansion Programs, allow you to access the results of more than 3 decades of research in the System No. 1 of Complementary Education in LA: The Human Development Academy.

A platform with hundreds of educational resources structured and adapted for each participant.

When you enroll in one of our programs you will gain an interactive friend that boosts your integral development!

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